Most of this page is now out of date, as SPILE uses the latest WhatPub API for uploading to WhatPub.

The section at the bottom about Draught Bass is still relevant.

My PNG files won’t upload anymore

As from version 1.11.02, the ability to upload .PNG files has been removed. This is due to the fact that WhatPub can’t handle this file typs so importing pics doesn’t work. Should WhatPub become able to handle PNGs we will re-enable support in SPILE.


How do I install SPILE on my computer?

SPILE needs to be installed on your branch’s web host or on CAMRA’s central server. You’ll need access by FTP to upload the files and then you run the install routine with your web browser if using your own hosting. If Using the central hosting we’ll do it for you.


My hosting company changed my login details and now SPILE doesn’t work!!

You’ll need to use the update configuration from the tools menu and change the database connection details to match those from your hosting company.

My GBG pub descriptions show as being shorter on the new GBG system than they do on SPILE.

This is usually caused by using the Back Tick character instead of the Apostrophe. WhatPub objects to this and truncates the description at that point. These occur when the top left key on the keyboard, above the left tab key, is used instead of the key with the @ on it. Another cause is pasting text from Word which automatically replaces apostrophes with opening and closing quote marks. Occasionally other characters will cause this too – you can usually get rid of them by copying the description into notepad (windows) and then re-selecting the text and pasting it back over the existing text.

I’m having trouble with opening hours in the new GBG system.

The best option here is to use SPILE’s pick area to set your opening times. If the pub is open all day just use the top pair of opening and closing times. WhatPub will accept these without fuss. Seasonal hours are a nightmare to enter.

New GBG system says my beers are wrong.

Now that regular beers are validated against the BIS system you MUST use the pick lists available in SPILE – this will ensure that your uploads to WhatPub work properly. Draught Bass is entered as Draught Bass in the Brewery field. You can’t use varies or any variation thereof anywhere in the beer lists – you must include this information in the description if you need to include it.

Not near station? warnings are generated when the field is populated but the distance in meters is over 800 and the within 1/2 mile box is ticked. This is the GBG parameter and moaning about it won’t change anything. You can choose to leave this info in but it’ll probably be thrown out by the editorial team.  Near station? warnings are generated when it thinks the pub is within 1/2 mile of a station – this is as the crow flies so may be wrong – again you can ignore this if you want.